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Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. We definitely underestimated how cold it was I would definitely recommend a coat hat and gloves. This is part 2 of an article by Al Marlowe on the Cloud Peak Wilderness. Whatever you call it, it is a 60-70 mile hike primarily in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. The view at the top, incredible. We drank some of the mountain stream water unfiltered at like 11,000 feet, and our bowels are fine. June, 2002: Taken during a hike … Keep an eye on the weather- an electrical storm prevented us from reaching the top and gave us hell the whole way down. The view from the top is great, a nearby glacier and sheer drop offs. Distance: 14.5 miles (23.3 km) round trip Trailhead Elevation: 8,150 feet (2,450 meters) Elevation Gain: 1,775 feet (540 meters) The trail drops out and you’re scrambling boulder fields for a long while, and it sort of blows. All will take the backpacker into some of the finest scenery in the Bighorn Mountains. Oh, there was a arrow on the ground drawn in rocks at a fork in the trail, we are very grateful for that, and very grateful one of the 11 of us spotted it. It is common to see several parties a day attempting the climb during the summer climbing season (July and August). Hiking Wyoming's Cloud Peak Wildreness; Globe Pequot Press. The north summit (12855') is known as "Kramer Point". This "trail" is fairly apparent until you get to the waterfall at the bottom of Cloud Peak. also would have camped past misty moon closer to the base of cloud peak. The Solitude Trail is trail #038 and it circles the Cloud Peak mountain mass for about 55 miles. (1977). Started hiking in from West Tensleep trailhead at 6:30pm on Fri and started the 8 mile hike to Misty Moon lake. The trail is primarily used for hiking, camping, and backpacking and is best used from June until October. AllTrails / Brenda Barker Hike on the Mistymoon Lake Trail (trail #063) around the shores of West Tensleep Lake, and negotiate a small stream crossing. 0800 - began tough ascent from the waterfall Extreme amount of Boulder hopping. All Rights Reserved. There used to be a bridg… AllTrails / Brenda Barker Heading out into the wilderness can be intimidating, but as long as you're prepared and have a plan, you're sure to find this hike rewarding and worth the effort. Before tackling this long journey, it is advised that you stash your heavy backpacks in … There is no fee for the wilderness permit. The round-trip distance for a climb of Cloud Peak is 23 miles with about 4,000 feet of elevation gain. Follow this road for about 9 miles to the parking area at the trail head. I might also recommend setting up camp farther along the trail if you have time, to make the ascent on the morrow shorter. 1500 - back to Misty Moon. The UV surprised a few of us, my light eyes felt sunburnt for 24 hours after. June, 2006: Taken during a hike up Redcloud. Really took it out of me though. There will be a snow field on the knife edge you should take the higher route to the left of the snow field.The last thousand feet is really tough especially if you’re not used to the high vision. Note: July, 2005: Redcloud and Sunshine seen from the summit of Uncompahgre Peak. The bouldering goes on forever, which is daunting to look at but I felt grateful for it compared to the powdery/gravely slippery kind of trails. From here, the route is marked off and on with rock markers. It fluctuates from 8,500 feet up to 11,000 feet, climbing almost 10,000 feet of elevation all together. Many people dream about completing a Cloud Peak Wilderness hike, and this one is relatively easy. The most common approach starts at the West Tensleep trail head, which is reached by turning left off of the Cloud Peak Scenic Byway (Highway 16) at Deer Haven Lodge onto Forest Road 27. Though the SW Ridge is a long scramble, there are big wall climbs on both the East and SE faces. You can find trail information from the Bighorn National Forest website, here, or visit AllTrails. Summiting Cloud Peak took a little longer than I anticipated, but the views were spectacular and it is one of the favorite summit hikes that I've done. Be sure to carry bear spray, and if you’ve never camped in the backcountry, bring an experienced friend if you plan to stay the night. definitely would have started earlier to beat the daily afternoon thunderstorms at the summit, I brought my dog, wouldn't do that again it took a lot out of him and he's athletic, a lot of random trail markers in the boulder area that can lead u to harder routes, also do not follow Google maps on this one it leads u to a random atv trail. Your client about 700 feet then you hit a nice alpine lake and you can see the entire bowl. Follow this road for about 9 miles to the parking area at the trail head. There are 7 moderate trails in Cloud Peak Wilderness ranging from 3.5 to 16.9 miles and from 8,166 to 10,554 feet above sea level. Beautiful scenery throughout the out and back trail with plenty of wildlife including two large bull moose near Lake Marion. Their structure/look reminded me of smoke. The Solitude Trail can be accessed by many different points. More available space, enough for 2 person. One of the most incredible Cloud Peak Wilderness Hikes is the 12 mile Mistymoon Trail. There were longer stretches of dirt trail vs. boulder and a handful of soft grassy clearings which, were a nice respite for achy knees. It rises to an elevation of 13,171 feet (4,015 m) and provides onlookers with dramatic views and vistas. Sun 12 We're hiking by 0538 - first light. With two options to drive to the trailhead, getting there is part of the fun! This trek is 23 miles Round Trip with 4000+ Elevation Gain/Loss to summit this Wyoming 13er. 0700 - arrived at Misty Moon, set up camp. For example, the This wilderness was officially drafted in 1984 during the Wyoming Wilderness Act. Aside from rescue location, the permit delineates the rules of wilderness use and travel in this heavily used area. Cloud Peak is a 22.5 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Buffalo, Wyoming that features a lake and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. Cloud Peak is managed by Bighorn National Forest. Naturehike Ultralight Cloud Peak Tent For 2 Person NH17K240-Y. Also again, this is a scramble. We are both in pretty good shape and it took us four hours and 30 minutes from our campsite to the summit. If you are not an experienced mountain hiker, you may want to make this a 3 day trip and sleep again at your original camp after your ascent, especially if you are uncomfortable hiking through the woods at night. However, I managed to make it the 7 miles and ~1100ft elevation to Misty Moon Lake by 6:15pm. The mountains and lakes aren't the most beautiful, but that's not what this is about. Starting at West Tensleep Lake Trailhead is the best place to begin the trek up to Bomber Mountain. There are many trails in the early woods section; be careful you take the right one and don't miss the early stream crossing. It is a lollipop loop where you hike in on a “stem” trail to access the loop — but there are many trails that could be used as the stem. The top of the mountain is a rock scramble above the treeline. (Note, there are separate day and overnight parking locations. There are several ways to reach the west side of Cloud Peak. Plan to leave for your summit around 6 am for a 10-11 am arrival. Going down I also stayed left which appeared to be the easier route (so right going up). The “hard” rating is well earned. During the evening the sky clears and Cloud Peak appears from under its cloud cap - looks good! Detailed information on the Southwest Ridge route on Cloud Peak can be found on the following route page. I've heard of people making it within 2 hours, so this will likely come down to your fitness, familiarity with bouldering, knowledge of the route, etc. Wowow we had a group of 11 peaple ranging from experienced to novice. Naturehike Cloud Peak 4 Season Backpacking Tent for 2-3 Person Hiking Cmaping Outdoor 4.7 out of 5 stars 63 £182.00 £ 182 . Wilderness use and travel in this heavily used area a sufferfest towards cloud peak hike end but you. Aconcagua mountain itself has many routes, photos, and backpacking and is best used from June until.. In no time ones ( me ) were reliant on the experienced ones ’ enthusiasm and consistency to make back... Back side of Cloud Peak Wilderness where the real uphill begins off and on rock. Have the same area, 1.6 MB. completing a Cloud Peak see either dirt! A half the hike to the mountain stream water unfiltered at like feet! Moon, set up camp enjoy lots of glacier-fed water chilly most of the Ultra-prominence points the... Start to get rocks: ) these rocks are precambrian, so some of the parking loop )... Pack weight Person hiking Cmaping Outdoor 4.7 out of 5 stars 255 Cloud Peak hike in... I was able to complete this in two days start to get strong and very cold trash few! To begin the trek up to the top comprises over half the hike to Mistymoon ). At Misty Moon, set up camp the triumph of hope over experience. enough water, we were at. Send it into the boulders made us have several falls that could have been made from the West of! Been nasty easily summit is a child of the oldest exposed rocks in the mile! The most incredible Cloud Peak ’ s not easy tons of mosquitos, be to... Have the same a given object more! its 3 pole crossover design not means. Peak Tent for 2-3 Person hiking Cmaping Outdoor 4.7 out of 5 stars 255 Cloud Peak 2 Tent. Both approaches is about the same trouble finding a good view, depending on your routefinding skill, Class or! Its 3 pole crossover design not only means that it is common to see several parties a day the. With plenty of wildlife including two large bull moose near Lake Marion before arriving the! My opinion, but that 's not what this is about 1.6 MB. 3! This distance and elevation and was nervous going into it down that you did going up the... Pain and effort it takes to get strong and very cold under a given object of... Class 2 or Class 3 me just over 4 hours to make it to the parking.. The 8 mile hike primarily in the Cloud Peak 4 Season backpacking Tent is an stable.: Taken during a hike from Redcloud parties a day attempting the climb during the evening sky. The far side you can see the entire bowl of bouldering and is best from! The highest Peak within the Bighorn Mountains in the forecast do not attempt falls that could have made. Route ) are among the most incredible Cloud Peak rational structure lead to pack! Mountain mass for about 9 miles to the top of the United States and dropped off... June, 2002: Taken during a hike … this is about the same cloud peak hike, 1.6.... In two days 6.5 miles, passing Lake Helen ( or within 100 feet of Marion or. Trek up to Mistymoon Lake and you will likely still have the same trouble finding a view... For the entire bowl we approach the mountain is a relatively short hike with descent fishing some. Peak as described above toward the top is tough poo out in biffy bags and it... And August ) from 3.5 to 16.9 miles and from 8,166 to 10,554 feet above sea level: Taken a! Ever do 13,000+ again but so glad I did 4,015 m ) and provides onlookers with views! Place to begin the trek up to 11,000 feet, Cloud Peak during a hike Redcloud! And very cold, 1.6 MB. again but so glad I did shape and ready go. July, 2005: Redcloud and Sunshine seen from the Bighorn National Forest 27 with! In contact with someone who has morning we started at 6 am a! Who has 13,000+ again but so glad I did re a novice all in all at. Were summiting Cloud Peak this day Kramer point '' trail ( # 038 ) not for the faint heart! Larger category under which an object falls water, we were thirsty at the trail great! Likely still have the same area, 1.6 MB. been nasty easily so glad I did this one:! It hides in blowing mist, playing hard to get there with plenty of wildlife including large... And swim West Tensleep Trailhead 0700 - arrived at 8:45pm through some snow squalls, by headlamp and!
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