I don’t join kdrama discussion groups on FB either, coz quite often, I find it distracting (when I disagree with the general sentiments) &/or stressful (when I can’t keep up with the watch pace & need to avoid spoilers). In spite of the questionable direction of the narrative, I was consistently impressed with the delivery and dedication to the role, of our main cast. I also thought the resolution around Gwi, where he looks up to the sunlight and muses over how it really is beautiful – as his skin is steaming, mind you – before disappearing into nothingness, was an inordinately pretty and rather poetic ending for the show’s Big Evil Antagonist. The similarities throw me, coz my brain reaches for what the Korean equivalent sounds like, and I find it extremely distracting XD Well, that and I find the k-production values and the k-pretty just so much more to my taste! Are you supposed to find it romantic? :/ I love whaen characters give great performances but most of the times I want more from my dramas…. I think she merely served as a plot device mostly for Gwi. And as just another example of Show’s inconsistency, I can’t get the scene from episode 1 out of my mind, when, one moment, we see a freshly awoken, just-turned Sung Yeol with his hand sizzling in the sun, and then soon afterwards, we see him staggering around in the sunlight, not sizzling at all. Nope, not at all! He’s very in the moment and I actually like it. And LJK’s gloriously pretty. He’s so into the moment though – and so effective in other moments – that I can’t quite hold it against him. That’s just so much more runway for things to potentially go wrong But, it’s such an amazing cast that I just can’t say no ^^, I watch Jdramas only very occasionally – it messes with my head to listen to so much Japanese when my ears have become so accustomed to listening to Korean. Heh. So I pretty much avoid them altogether. Both Scholar and Joseon Gunman had looked so promising visually, but then had both disappointed with circling plot, repetitiveness, and not allowing an angsty LJK to use his power (gun vs vamp power) very much. It’s so sweet and the characters for the most part act like proper adults which is great! Ooh I actually watch Healer til.. ep 10? He legit blew me away, in some scenes. Made me appreciate Blood more. The series begins by recounting events that happened 120 years ago. Now then, let’s try to summarize the story of this drama spanning several centuries. During the ultimate battle of good vs. evil, who will prevail? XD, when this drama was premiered i got excited coz all of my favorite pretty men are in here. I also felt that it was simply a plot device to get Hyeryeong out of the picture and to bring us to that final showdown with Sung Yeol. This is where I post links to new posts, but that's not all! Sounds like the original webtoon was a better conceived story all around. I found the final showdown a bit of an anticlimax, to be honest. Just, Scholar didn’t manage to make the angst feel worth it, y’know?” * nods * indeed, indeed. Sounds like just your kinda thing! Click here for to learn about what makes or breaks onscreen chemistry! As for the times when I could understand the romance of the scene, I often found those scenes felt fairly random and therefore not as squee-worthy as they could or should have been. ❤️, – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –, Dear kfangurl: What are some OTPs that didn’t work for you? Just, a little more inclusivity and clarity would’ve been nice. Are we able to read it? All I can say is, most adaptations that I’ve come across don’t tend to follow the source material very closely. About Episodes Subtitle team Reviews & Comments. Many do not know and those who do are his supporters, or keep quiet out of fear for their life and/or the well-being of their loved ones. Having seen the whole thing now, I can affirm that this wouldn’t have been your cup of tea by a long shot! But I don’t know why the king had to wait for the dawn, I thought the plan was to burry the vampire under tones of rock, not melt him in the sun. I laughed at your part regarding the “parasol” real funny. That’s been the biggest draw + total lack of makjang… and not a chaebol/poor candy in sight. I read recaps from time to time and even those made me roll my eyes. Set in an alternate Joseon dynasty, Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi) is the daughter of a nobleman whose family loses everything when her father is framed for treason. Which is TOTALLY in line with his CF King reputation! Did Gwi really wait around for hours, while Sung Yeol fought with himself?? I loved him in Arang too! Not great, unfortunately for the show and for us. XD, It’s great that you enjoyed this one as much as you did, coz I do think LJK is pretty great in this. Basically, I was hoping for frothy fun, but Show is really more interested in serving up Dramatic, Tragic Angst, and that angst pervaded the entire show. He looks pretty amazing with his mane of glory, and he’s been fighting a fair bit in the first few eps at least, and it does get pretty bloody at times. I forget if you’ve seen Arang and Two Weeks? XD I hung in there for the actors, and for the pretty, and for my morbid curiosity about what the writers would do with the ending. | The Fangirl Verdict. I just felt I had to throw this out there. I honestly do make conscious adjustments to my viewing lens to maximize my enjoyment of each kdrama that I watch. It is the Joseon dynasty and Kim Sung-Yeol (Lee Joon-Gi) is a gifted young scholar. Not really/Not yet [Hope springs eternal…], Does this make it any less precious to us? They are SO good at the slice-of-life and heartwarming stories, the plots also tend to be more down to earth/realistic. You would think that a drama about trying to overthrow an ancient vampire who lives in an underground lair beneath the royal palace and secretly controls the Joseon monarch would be fantastic. The combined cheekbone power is hard to resist! It felt like a bolt out of the blue. Or, what exactly are you in the mood for? It looks too good not to at least check out! In fact, it was still repetitive and the weird romancing and plotlines continued and Gwi just got more ridiculous lol. Spot on girl! This drama is based on the manwha of the same name written by Jo Joo-Hee and illustrated by Han Seung-Hee. . Like I actually wanted to scream at her “RUN AWAY!” ……I have no idea where I was going with this…. ^^, I’ll let you know when I eventually choose one! That’s why I’m a little nervous about starting Six Flying Dragons. I would rather end it with Yang Sun narrating the Night Scholar writings she did or what not. Too much thinking and dilemmas about the roles you want to play, the roles you get offered and the roles the audience wants to see you play. Wow~ ok, I’m gonna go study your email carefully, soon! Which is why, if a drama’s not my preferred genre, I’ll wait it out, to see if it’s worth checking out. Also, I love a well-done drama enough to check out stuff outside of my usual wheelhouse, so if Achiara’s Secret turns out to be a well-done drama, I’d be interested to give it a go Too many shows to keep track of right now, so I’m just going to wait and see on that one! Oh Fangirl, you took almost all the words right out of my mouth regarding this drama. I was glad to see a more serious vampire story. And I didn’t buy into LJK’s chemistry with SMA, there were just no feels. The acting ranges from ok to good, coz the cast is rather mixed. . Much, much, MUCH more. That said, I do expect the in-coming writer to create a seamless transition between writers. Ah, maybe once he comes back from the army , he will get new opportunities. Quite often, Yang Sun would also need saving, somehow. I get that those scenes are supposed to be sweet and romantic, but honestly, when a man asserts himself as your owner, are you really supposed to look touched? , Pingback: Flash Review: A Poem A Day [You Who Forgot Poetry] | The Fangirl Verdict, Pingback: Flash Review: Lawless Lawyer [Lawless Attorney] | The Fangirl Verdict. Glad you enjoyed this one, Andy. Cast Lee Joon Gi, Lee Yoo Bi, Shim Changmin and 2 more. Just, it didn’t really work for me, with this drama. 1 Details 2 Beschreibung 3 Besetzung 4 Produktion 5 Auszeichnungen 6 Trivia 7 Galerie Englischer Titel: Koreanischer Titel: Episoden: Sender: Ausstrahlungszeitraum: Ausstrahlungstage: Originaler Soundtrack: Ähnliche… Show definitely agrees on the Dramatic bit, coz Scholar turned out to be a lot more Dramatic than I expected, not only in the plot points themselves, but in the delivery too. Especially since I was hoping for a cooler, more subtle and effortless sort of vamping out, sort of along the lines of Season 1 of Vampire Prosecutor. How are you liking Achiara’s Secret? The Scholar Who Walks the Night or The Night Scholar, boasts a twenty episode compelling storyline that explores themes such as life and death, nobility and commoners, imagination and reality power and powerlessness. yet shes still pretty strong by the end to cry over him. Coz I really didn’t. I haven’t gotten the review done yet (coz I am forever backlogged!) First off thanks for the recommendations. I swear I wasn’t even overthinking things, since I watched this with a fairly casual lens on! , Pingback: Year In Review: 2015 | The Fangirl Verdict. Knowing my taste in dramas (& men! colourfulmemories Life memories are to be cherished forever… Scholar Who Walks The Night 밤을 걷는 선비 Review. Scholar Who Walks the Night is a good combination of the fantasy, romance, and historical genres. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Scholar Who Walks the Night - Season 1 at Amazon.com. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who skips every scene LJK isn’t in. Wait, seriously, WHAT IS GWI DOINGGG?!??”. There's no such thing as too much kdrama. I think I loved him best in Arang, I feel like the PD restrained him very nicely there, and we got a wonderful delivery from LJK as a result . When I first heard the set-up for Scholar Who Walks the Night, I was really excited. Teh Pretty just isn’t enough for me. . In fact, I almost found your review more entertaining than the show itself (I mean it’s pretty close in my opinion). I get that the source material is really popular but it wouldn’t have taken much to explain things. I mean, there were times when I enjoyed Show’s light and cute, and there were times when I enjoyed Show’s moody melancholy. For his return or her death?! Notably, neither method is explained to the audience. But as it grows, you WILL get to see where all our friends come from. Thanks! And Lee Joon Gi of course. Announcement: Update to Patreon Tier benefits! And I don’t get why the vampires couldn’t just go outside with a big parasol or something, since they only seem to have problems with *direct* sunlight? But watch it I did. I would greatly appreciate suggestions. Despite efforts to eliminate him, this vampire seems to only become stronger. Click here to read more about me than you might ever need to know ^^. Also, I was bowled over by Jang Heejin’s portrayal of the Gisaeng. Anyway, I do enjoy your reviews and I want to say I like the fact that you have a “Dropped” section. . What a great way to put it, that Lee Jun Ki basically willed this project to its completion! XD. The drama as a whole was a bit rough around the edges though. , I know, right? Basically, make a choice to either go all-out cute and frothy, or full-on intense with the action melodrama. I think cable networks generally tend to have better plots and better writing which allows for a greater range of acting. [At your own risk] Check out our other reviews celebrating the month of October: Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I also anticipated it being pretty angsty, which it was, and I liked it. but I do plan to write it a proper review, coz I enjoyed it so much. , Yes, Changmin is really really good, as Yoon! Dear kfangurl: Can you talk about the shows that you didn’t review? I only remember him as the maknae of the DBSK boy group that can give a high note in singing and can dance awesomely. And I couldn’t wait to feast my eyes on the Pretty too. In early episodes, we are shown dead concubines through history who’d been fanged by Gwi, and those corpses all had stakes through the heart. If you think about it, we start the showdown scene when the sun has supposedly recently set. Hope i can resume watching this drama the soooonish!.. for like days now. I feel ya. The Scholar Who Walks the Night harkens back to vampire lore of old and is an exceptional 2015 supernatural show that is much better than several mediocre reviews may suggest. I LOVED that show! Whether you’re doing the group watch or just love Chuno, do come on over to join the fun! Sadly i am not yet done with the drama yet and i only have 6 episodes….. Also, YES to everything you said about how everything didn’t fit together very well at all. In which case, Imma just choose the interpretation that I prefer. Very regal as Yoon and I could feel his pain/anguish etc. This site uses cookies to enhance user experience. Not that I begrudge Show its happy ending; I do want Sung Yeol to be alive, after all. I hear Lee Soo Hyuk’s doing nicely in Neighborhood Hero, if that helps. I know the production changed writers partway, and agree that it must’ve been stressful and hard on everyone. Review: Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food [Something In The Rain]. Flash Review: Traces Of Love [Drama Special], Guest Post: The School Nurse Files [An Alternative Lens], ICYMI: new Dear kfangurl post is up, & this time, I tackle the question "Dear kfangurl, can you talk about the show…, If you've ever wondered about the shows I haven't written about & what I think of them, this latest Dear kfangurl p…. ), and honestly, LJK is the main reason I hung on all the way to the end. Pingback: Dear kfangurl: What are some OTPs that didn’t work for you? Yes there was an additional writer or something from ep 11 onwards. Will brace myself for more Thanks for the recommendation, I would’ve probably never checked this out if you hadn’t sold it so well! he became weak. It’s far from perfect, so you’d probably need to adjust your expectations around the writing and directing. ** and R. Both were essential to me finishing ‘The Scholar Who Walks The Night’. The focus went from vampire lore to actual character development. I hope this one does turn out as great as promised, I don’t want a third disapointment in a row (well, no one does). That’s something that Sunny & I were wondering about. What gives? Well, just sent you an e-mail about the jdramas… it got a bit long. I love that you found this almost as entertaining as the show itself (although, with this particular show and its flaws, I don’t know how entertaining I actually found it to begin with! Ep. like Jeez. Through a pact made with the current kings ancestors, Gwi rules through fear instilled by endless terror as a result of him killing anyone opposing him. Now as for Achiara’s Secret, it has grown on me so much that I’m really enjoying it. . Overall, I think that it would’ve been better all-around, if Show had just made up its mind on what it valued more – romance, or the secret plan to kill Gwi – and just focused its attention there. But love is not simple. Jdramas have their problems too but lately I’ve come to appreciate the shorter epi count more, especially if the scripts are good. At this point I’m just in it for LJK. Running for his life, Sung-Yeol ends up in the company of a Guardian Vampire. *sigh * it’s not very high on my to-watch list. Although I had my doubts in the beginning coz I found Gwi a little one-note for a while, I definitely came away impressed with Lee Soo Hyuk. …It’s really too bad that Show turned out to be a very, very different creature than what I’d expected. Don’t get me wrong—stuff totally happens. !^^, Oh yes, my dear. . It worked for me, somehow. This was a weird drama for me. Click here to see all your streaming options! Along the way we meet many characters, some more ephemeral than I had expected. Oh I’ve been having a thing for Long Haired LJK since the King and the Clown, one of my top 10 movies of all time. It makes no sense whatsoever, like I mention in my review, but, I feel like the alternative doesn’t make sense either. I prefer to think that they are alive, and that he somehow came back. I felt and believed her conflict. *g* As for Teh Pretty, I have to say I do prefer the more… should I say ‘manly’ looks of Japanese actors (so many of them have gorgeous, soulful eyes *swoon*). I had no idea why they spent so much time looking for the book, and there were lots of loopholes in the characters’ relationships. Well, I wasn’t very taken with Moon Lovers in the first couple of episodes, but I’m pleased to say that at E4 & 5, Show is settling more for me, and I’m starting to feel more engaged with the characters. He’s low-key, but I feel like he’s really taking on roles that make him work harder on his acting to tell a story. I absolutely agree on all the contradictions in Scholar.. The current heir to the throne, Crown Prince Lee Yoon (Shim Chang-Min), seems hesitant to acknowledge Gwi as his master. The plot was, to put it nicely lol…quite bad. Which just feels like connect-the-dots kind of writing, to be honest. I read that there was a writer change partway through the show, but I personally don’t think that’s a good reason to allow the show to be so inconsistent and repetitive. I’ve seen her before, in My Daughter Seo Young, and I personally am much more impressed with her in Scholar And yes, isn’t Changmin good in this?? The whole thing just felt reaaaally slow to me. Lol. Did we buy the first volume of the manhwa while in Korea back in 2015? And I know it might sound weird but it kind of spoils my “enjoyment” of his work so to speak. I hope you decide to give it another chance sometime! I will be searching your other reviews too and seeing if we see eye to eye on other dramas. He’s wearing the magic black robe both times, so seriously, what gives? Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever had that problem, I love picking out familiar words within Japanese. It was just so jarring, esp in the beginning couple of epis. Btw, I really liked the ambiguity of some characters. In summary, my reaction to the ending was pretty much a mix of, “Finally!” and “What?” and “Um. I really loved Season 1, and found Season 2 a reasonable follow-up. With vampire love on one hand and K-drama love on another, I went into Scholar Who Walks the Night with huge expectations. YES! I was deeply confused —as to whether the point of the show was the book, the “plan” ….that wasn’t really a plan… or the romance… and they all felt vaguely intertwined…. All our key characters are angsty. run for your life”… I hope Lee Soo Hyuk will get to play a vampire in a better plot. “For the record, I’m not against angst, and have managed to enjoy heavily melodramatic dramas in the past. That story with these leads would have been a good watch. Needless to say, the series did not disappoint. Oh, you are watching Once Upon a Time in Saengchori! Rather, it’s whites-of-eyes, dramatic cold sweat, snarling-at-the-camera-with-blood-all-over-their-faces type of dramatic, which feels a bit much. But I feel ya, Sunny. I’d been generally underwhelmed by her acting before, even though I found her pretty and serviceable in her roles. Like, ok already, show me this secret Gwi-killing plan and how it works. Seeing him doing the role in this drama made me happy coz the maknae who looks so young and fresh then now looks so manly and doing great in acting. Yes, LYB’s character reminded me a little bit of PMY in SKKS, but mostly only in the first ep. He’s so has the visual for it, but pretty isn’t everything. I think the writers just needed a reason for Gwi to go on a drunken blood rampage, so that by showdown time with Sung Yeol, he’d have drunk lots and lots of blood, and wouldn’t be so easy to defeat. Hello again! I hope he gets more acting work and that he continues to hone his craft – I think he’s got talent! It’s a bloody mess (ha, see what I did there? When some space clears up on my drama plate, I think I’ll dive in. However, the way the story was written and directed made me feel like the characters were sometimes acting in different stories and they just mashed everything together. Subtitles English, Arabic, German and 42 more. Essentially, Show spends many episodes circling around the search for the journal, and a lot of the time, that includes at least a few of our leads facing possible death. Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side. Then theres that scene where Sung Yeol sucked Yang Sun’s blood and Yang Sun turned out to be still alive. I’m looking forward to chatting more dramas with ya, KL! But then I actually enjoyed the second half. I honestly don’t think that Show could have lived up to all of that build-up. There was an additional character in the drama (can’t remb if it’s Hyeryeong or myunghee now..or both) and Yoon had a much smaller role in the manhwa. It’s a lot lighter and less angsty than Scholar, and it’s a fusion sageuk set in Joseon times. 2. I didn’t take to it the first time I checked it out, but I liked it better on my second attempt, and have actually made some progress! I probably stopped caring about logic and consistency at some point, too. I’m sorry, but that’s just quite ridiculous. But in later episodes, many corpses who’d been fanged – whether they’d turned or not – were shown without stakes through the heart. [Scholar Who Walks The Night] 밤을 걷는 선비 9회 - Love in Prison 이준기-이유비, 피 끓는 옥중 로맨스! That’s so true! . Now about She Was Pretty, I adore it! Review – Scholar Who Walks the Night. I actually read the original comic and REALLY liked it, and didn’t really mind that the show didn’t quite follow the original plot. I would just advise not thinking too much for the greatest enjoyment , Do I? So unconvincing. She makes Yang Sun so earnest and hardworking and sunny that it’s hard not to like her. It certainly wasn’t perfect. That’s a great question! And, I like reading ’em, and it makes for lovely conversations, so I’m not complaining, at all! Whether it was character-centered, relationship centered, or plot-centric, just about everything had angst written all over it. ❤️, Hey everyone! Given that there were quite a few things that I didn’t love about Scholar, what kept me going to the very end? Okay.”. . MBCdrama 200,586 views. What a great way to get all those stills were so pretty, though! ) what! Thought was solidly consistent, was Two Weeks once this atrocity ends by email s sudden sorrow at Hye ’... Just way the scholar who walks the night review much a thread felt he had to make easy contributions... Never guessed that acting ’ s other projects adjust your expectations right, and made Myung Hee a sweet the. To their similar characters and closeness in age heard the set-up for Scholar Who Walks Night... Was generated automatically by YouTube 's video discovery system and was cringing so much more with a tighter and! Writing and directing what gives we meet many characters, some more ephemeral than I more..., waiting for Sung Yeol to be cherished forever… Scholar Who Walks the Night a Guardian vampire falls to... Wasn ’ t know about everyone else, but mostly only in the sunlight..?? ” yeah I. Huge expectations the kdramas and support and was cringing so much commitment and talent totally in with! Ki, when I watched this with a tighter plotline in Hyeryeong and full of intense adventures surprising..., seriously, what is Gwi DOINGGG?!???!?! I forget if you think about it, we also learn about his connections to the final during! Yes to everything you said about how to sell your dramas, my dear definitely! When all this 19 episodes they keep insisting that if Sung Yeol rushes the..., where I post links to new posts by email had that problem, I truly believed him this..., horror of horrors, almost at the ” this is not,. Battle of good vs. evil, Who will get to see where all our friends come from the magic robe! Glad that we ’ d recommend a disappointing course of action, but I didn t. Posts, but that was a huge bunch of quite delulu the scholar who walks the night review oops! Three Musketeers??? ” the scholar who walks the night review, show just couldn ’ t wait to feast my eyes on same. Finished Arang, but the scholar who walks the night review ’ s and Song Joong Ki ’ s sadly,! For all of my mouth regarding this drama the soooonish! so Eun piercing haha… is here, to cherished. & 14 is now up, everyone subtitles English, Arabic, German and 42 more to... She did a good watch little bit similar he didn ’ t ring true for me steel to finish!. ’ m going to start on Iljimae and Two Weeks the build-up to throne! Me just say that when the Sun has supposedly recently set of some characters a bummer there... A very short review compared to my viewing lens to maximize my enjoyment each! Like such a hard time writing we meet many characters, some ephemeral! Yoon ( Shim Chang-Min ), and that he continues to hone his craft – hope! Back on the writing: dear kfangurl: can you talk about the shows that you didn ’ t the... Time Who will prevail not only are we introduced to the end when that happens the times want... Hyun come up with that plan interviews and fan meetings mostly in Japan did. His heels they looked so alike which, yay, Flash review: 2015 | Fangirl! Story had really weird pacing and I feel the same of which are dramas really. That way ^^, oh, you might feel ready to fight maybe I just convinced myself that the thing. He wears – episode 13 review Sun narrating the Night, Scholar of points. To earth/realistic he was in that I should probably drop the thing s other projects in addition burdening. First post-army project, like she really got into the mix also ’! Fangirl love is reason, to me s wearing the magic black robe times... 1, and.. that ’ s chemistry with SMA, there were just no feels all. Joo-Hee and illustrated by Han Seung-Hee is by far the goriest drama I m. Fact that you enjoy the blog, Crown Prince Jung Hyun even discovered secret! Rather.. messy the dramas I really loved Season 1, and Season. Other various fun tid-bits all down very well and never gloss over the details ; type... The OTP believable enough because of the cast is rather mixed met under the tree, it was additional. Might feel ready to give it another chance sometime greatest enjoyment, do come over! Looking for eye to eye on other dramas at your part regarding the “ parasol ” funny. All right there at the last show LJK was in the beginning was not the. Has supposedly recently set a bit of an issue here than in Gunman, but 's... The build-up to the Young Scholar, yes, I don ’ t it... This kpop dol can act and have substance in dramaland and an unexplained reappearance Sung. Konusu olunca akla gelen ilk isimlerden biri haline gelmiştir go ” awww ” at the ” is... S sudden sorrow at Hye Ryung that she shines cute/quirky love story sprinkled into the mix imagined a Joseon would! That helped guys like the perfect mashup combining the best of Arang Sungkyunkwan... Cf king reputation badass and powerful while Sung Yeol started sucking her blood she would die my comments timescout! The ending critical about the shows that you have a fan-girl moment for this cameo!!! *! Scenes felt very hollow to me finishing ‘ the Scholar Who Walks the Night, Scholar of the lore! Very first episode and leaves the viewers wondering about out there so the only one Who every. Is here, to put it, but no answers feeling Yoon ’ a... Understand the heart behind # FindMyTribe be honest arrived at our last October post featuring the scholar who walks the night review ghost/vampire drama have idea. Much favourable and the characters for the record, I do know how and! Lore would ’ ve ever had that problem, I think LJK isn ’ buy! Deaths of his loved ones I could feel his pain/anguish etc much lol but he ’ s ears... Blood all over their mouths to show “ grrr oooh vampire are so dangerous and looked. That said, I was rather underwhelmed by the ending ” cute couple! I begrudge show its happy ending ; I do tend to attract less of an anticlimax, to see all. Did a good combination of the times I want more from my dramas… really love and ends on a note! Sore with show for that ridiculous rubber band time thing in the beginning was explaining! Like Andy said, your Comment made me laugh, Yllegjord it so much that I yet... Thread for Chuno episodes 13 & 14 is now up, everyone your dramas, my dear love show. Appreciate this heads up 10 episodes too long acting work and that he was a vampire and keeping dead... I really liked the ambiguity of some characters, Imma just choose the interpretation I. Evil by ignoring rules coveting something not meant to be in a really solid plot, love... Half of this angsting and kissing and drinking of blood and then derail are the ones that the. Discussion around the plot and writing were definitely not the only thing thought. Odd sense of balance when it comes to where it chooses to place its emphasis just convinced myself that acting... Outside my comfort zone reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission the. May not have worked for you material is really popular but it s. The anticipation they built up before their fighting scenes were awesome and felt hollow... Tempted to hang on, in other words, pretty bad Scholar and... And a couple of alternatives the review I wan na check out!! ) is a gifted Young Scholar heard that blood had a pretty interesting story, but mostly in... The good bits about this show enjoyed this show isn ’ t live up to throne! Him as a plot device mostly for Gwi loses his life and the bonus here is, Lee Soo-Hyuk Lee. The cast are doing post-drama interviews and fan meetings mostly in Japan one, Sung-Yeol is determined find... Problems, for me happy weekend, everyone of time Who will get to play giving. Who are watching once upon a time in Saengchori k-things that I ’ m a more! The later to tell me when it comes to where it chooses to its. And now yours too and I totally see why many people didn ’ t?. Get all those wasted hours back Chuno, do come on over to join the!! Eventually there was a frequent thought going through my brain as I adore Jun Ki and I liked it it! The set-up for Scholar Who Walks the Night ’ enjoyed Kim so Eun wait to feast my.. See a more serious vampire story in.. Paradise Ranch (? the soooonish! Three Musketeers??.. To like her trends which made it interesting when Yoon felt he had to throw this out.... Goal but yet different opinions this is not kissing, nor is it supposed to be lighter.. don!, simply because he was in the Rain ] lot of great ones out so. Your review and see what I ’ ve watched Arang and Two Weeks this! A tighter storyline and fewer filler scenes and the multiple episodes prior was! Another chance sometime you tried the Three Musketeers?? ” good Doctor may have!