This system of transporting prisoners was satisfactory, however, a refinement in the control and dispatching of the buses can and will be improved upon in the future. 1935 Lieutenant Rawlings reports the following concerning a meeting at Douglas Memorial Church: “No anger overtone on persons attending meeting. A store is looted in the 4600 block of Park Heights Ave. 0825 Mr. John O’Mailey, Executive Secretary, Board of Fire Commissioners, Baltimore City Fire Department was contacted by Major Rowlett as directed by the Commissioner to ascertain the statistics of a normal fire week. The windows were all knocked out but the cash register was still intact. to Fulton Ave., are a “no man’s land.” At the western end, a bar, loan company, drugstore and cleaning store are looted at the corner of North Ave. and Pulaski St. 1500 Southeastern District advised to pay special attention to Montebello Liquor, Bank and Central Streets. Looting takes place on Division St. Woman Pleads for People to “Stay Out” – Eager Street at Broadway – April 8, 1968, Baltimore and Lloyd Sts. Baltimoreans remained in a tense state on Friday morning. 0640 Task Force Baltimore was advised that the Baltimore Police Department was working n 12-hour shifts of approximately 1100 men on each shift. • 8 p.m.—An outbreak of sniper activity continues until 1 a.m. Looters and fire bombers strike hard in West Baltimore. After meeting initial resistance, the union won official recognition from the university by the fall of 1968. 0121 Car 303 dispatched to 1615 Spring Street where resident stated she thought shot was fired from 1400 Eden Street. 0045 All Districts notified that men are not to return sniper fire unless fired upon by a sniper who can be seen. The riot included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. I pulled in adjacent to the fire engine and as I got out of the car, someone in the crowd that was milling around, threw a large number tin cans of tomatoes through the windshield of my radio car. Firemen respond but pull back when sniper fire continues. Two white men are shot during an alleged sacking of a small grocery in the 100 block of E. Lanvale St. Provident and Franklin Square hospitals are protected by guards. The uprising included crowds filling the streets, burning and looting local businesses, and confronting the police and national guard. The magistrates were trying cases in the big court downtown at Fayette and Calvert Street, and we were only booking prisoners in the station houses not using the small courts. 2303 Chief Judge Lamdin was notified of the curfew order. 2031 A sniper was reported on the roof at Lloyd and Lombard Streets. • 8:05 p.m.—Looting and burning of a tailor shop in the 900 block N. Gay St. • 8:45 p.m.—The worst fire yet is reported, at an A&P in the 1400 block of N. Milton in East Baltimore. 0945 Unit 302 reports auto in 600 Block Mosher Street with sign “Lafayette Square 2 P.M. – We want it to stop now – Let’s meet at Lafayette Square at 2 P.M.” CP’s notified. The riot area comprises 1,000 square blocks, bounded roughly by 25th St. on the north, Poplar Grove St. on the west, Baltimore St. on the south, and Broadway on the east. Grand total of 5307 arrests. This person was later identified as Willard Dixon, a member of CORE. The media regularly used terms such as, “Negro” and “Negress” to describe African American Males, and Females. In other districts of the city we would have calls come in for “Breaking and Entering” and many burglaries were taking place. Four looters are arrested at Laurens and Stricker. Riot type shotguns were also issued by the Armory to police officers acting in the capacity of security guards at detention facilities, power substations and guarding prisoners in transport, etc. Looting begins again, with 10 stores hit. Unit 724 was manned by Officer Markenlonis and Officer Carr. . . 1345 The Acting Superintendent of Schools advised Deputy Commissioner Poole that he had been instructed to open City schools on Tuesday, April 9, 1968. 1705 Unfounded report of shooting at store and owner (No name or address listed) Unable to confirm. Accordingly, such statistics are not repeated herein. I always thought the inside was beautiful and I always regretted that it was torn down. Night court plans are made to accommodate the large numbers of arrests made on the west side. Looting takes place at Guilford Ave. and Lanvale St. and on Harford Ave. from Federal St. to North Ave. Two liquor stores in the 800 and 900 blocks of Caroline St. are burned. The Emergency Headquarters and Field Command Posts were secured by order of the Commissioner at 3:37 a.m., Saturday, April 6, 1968. And Maryland State Police field command at the State Office Building. Civil Defense stated that 234 persons had been treated in hospitals during the disturbance to date. Police guard hub corners of Calvert and Fayette, Baltimore and South streets, and Calvert and Baltimore. They lived through 1968, when rioting after the assassination of Martin … The west side’s center of violence is a triangular area bounded on the south by Mulberry St., on the east by Monroe St., and on the west by Pennsylvania and Fremont. Two new fires bring the total to 1,208. A two-alarm fire is reported at Federal St. and Milton Ave. Two fires break out two blocks apart—at Federal and Holbrook Sts., and Harford Rd. 0950 The shooting in the 800-block Somerset Street was confirmed to be a shooting of a citizen by Officer Bernard E. Hartlove who fired in self-defense when William V. Stepter came at him with a knife and a brick.. 0955 The city reported that contraband would be accepted for storage at the city warehouse, 2801 Edmondson Avenue. The wave of looting appears to go from liquor stores, to electrical appliance stores, then food stores, followed by pawn shops for firearms, then jewelry stores and loan shops for money and valuables. Agnew says he is disappointed with the black community’s leadership. We needed the long guns because just the sight of them had an effect on the rioters and they also spoke to snipers in that they could “reach out” further than a handgun when fired. Cars parked on East Baltimore streets are looted for parts and tires. At Federal and Milton, a fire breaks out in a liquor store. In the 100 block of E. Lafayette Ave., another bar is looted. There is a looting in the 1800 block of Linden Ave., and another on Division St. near Lanvale. • 6 p.m.—Troops from the 18th Corps Airborne Artillery are bused into Druid Hill Park from Andrews Air Force base in Prince George County. . Such chaos erupted on the streets of Baltimore in April 1968. 0220 Major Armstrong reports incident recorded on 0120 was accidental fire – no fire bomb; 1 dead and 1 injured. . . These reports were determined to be unfounded. . Remainder of Pikesville contingent to city along Park Heights Avenue. As whites enter these predominantly black projects, Guardsmen arrive, forcing whites east of Broadway and blacks west to create a three-block buffer zone. Frank X Gallagher, Baltimore City Councilman, third district, furnished a copy of a printed handout that is currently being passed around in his area. 2025 Deputy Attorney General Robert Sweeney called on behalf of Governor Agnew to instruct that Danny Gant of CORE should be released on his own recognizance. Downtown stores reopen. By late evening on Saturday, April 6, 1968, the Baltimore riots were in full swing. . When I got to the intersection where the firemen were, I could see ahead a couple of blocks that the grocery store was completely engulfed in fire with flames coming from the windows and out the side of the building up past the second floor. A call came in to assist an officer at Gay and Hillen Street at the location of the old Bel Air market. • Summary: About 5,700 National Guardsmen remain to patrol the streets. In Baltimore, Maryland trouble didn’t start until … 1755 Shooting at 1900 Annapolis Road investigated by 817 Car – not sniper fire. At Guilford and 21st St., looting is reported. 1550 Lieutenant Horton advises he received information that there will be trouble at City Jail between 1600 and 1700 today. 1930 Major W. W. Corbin, Assistant Chief of Operations, Maryland State Police, was requested by Commissioner Pomerleauto send the Maryland State police to the staging area at the State Office Building. A call came in that firemen who had responded to a call at Chase and Asquith Street were being pinned down by sniper fire. The 1000 block of Lombard St. finds more looting. The detention of Walter Lively was also noted on the newscast. With that, I fired one round in the air, which caused people to scatter. In 2008, the 40th anniversary of King's death, the University of Baltimore State Police cars were lined up on the west side of Howard Street from Maryland General Hospital to Pratt and Howard. • 4:20 p.m.—A black family driving by the area mentioned above is stoned. – Wm. This episode is just over the county line. They block westbound traffic on U.S. 40. The crowd was not informed. Potential problem area reported to be Annapolis, Cambridge, Montgomery County, Maryland. 0812 Information received that a bomb was to explode on the third floor of the Community College of Baltimore at 0915. Gov. Plans are announced for at least one more night of curfew. • Summary for the day: Three killed, 70 hurt, 100 arrested, high levels of violence, looting downtown, 250 fire alarms. 1630 Mr. Hyman Pressman called Deputy Commissioner Murdy to inquire whether an order existed that police could only shoot to protect officers. Central District, Colonel Williams, Pratt and Fallsway – Druid Park Lake – Paca Street at Armory – 140 troops, Central – 20 troop flying squad, 32 troops on call at Central Station (Mobil Task). I saw a Lieutenant I knew and we started talking about cases we had been on together. LM. Deputy Commissioner Poole recommended that one section be deployed along Park Heights Avenue as far south as Park Circle. 1830 A teletype was sent by the Police Commissioner to all Bureaus, Divisions, Districts and Units as follows: Each of you can be extremely proud of the job that the department has accomplished during the past several days. 2055 Detective cruiser 1101 intercepted the 2-½ ton truck reported at 1923 hours with Maryland License 2660 EV. The fire department received five bomb threats, four in city schools. The twenty-four hour period preceding this report showed a considerable decrease in reports of fires and lootings and definite increase in unfounded threats of fires and disorders. (Napoleon K. Slay). there are reports of looting and burning. We had nothing to eat, since none of the restaurants were open. I pointed the vehicle down Chase Street toward Central Avenue and as we were driving I observed a man only about 20 years old, walking unsteadily in the middle of the street. They take over the area from 25th St. to North Ave. Baltimore officers and Maryland State Police patrol the area south of North Ave. • 11:30 p.m.—Baltimore Mayor D’Alessandro appears on television. 1838 Phase IV of Mobilization Plan in effect. Thereafter, while reports remained substantial during that period, a downward trend was noticeable. 1931 A curfew was announced for Baltimore County from 9:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. 1932 Since 0001, Sunday, April 7, 1968, 248 reports of looting and 67 reports of fire were received. At Ashland and Broadway, a drycleaners is burned. In the first floor courtrooms, the bottom half of the walls were white marble and also there was white marble in the bathrooms. Baltimore today is a reflection of Baltimore in 1968 By Elizabeth Pierson 2015-05-01 02:15:35 UTC In April 1968, riots devastated Baltimore in the wake of … The Lieutenant was the duty officer for the Central District, so he, a fellow officer and myself jumped into the Lieutenant’s car and proceeded to the market which was about seven or eight blocks from headquarters. A group of 40 Guardsmen set up a roadblock at Penn. Field Command Post located at Presstman and Appleton Streets with Major Donald T. Shanahan in command of Field Command Post Headquarters. Problems are reported on Pennsylvania Ave. running past the 2000 block of Edmonson Ave. A black church in Catonsville is burned. 2030 252 Troopers of the Maryland State Police were in position at the State Office Building, 35 were assigned to guard the State Office Building, and 200 were available for deployment. Royal Ave. and Monroe St. on North Ave. was hit. Chief Battaglia stated the situation was still under control. We were locking up 50 to 75 people at a time just trying to get a handle on the situation. 2204 A fire was reported as 235 Hollins Ferry Road, and a firebomb ar Aisquith Street and Lafayette Avenue. I saw one guy use a bicycle. Another 1,900 federal troops move into Baltimore in the afternoon, setting up field headquarters at the zoo. devastated by a series of civil disturbances that left six dead, dozens injured and hundreds of properties, both private and public, burned, Your individual and collective efforts have been truly professional. Rocks are thrown at firefighters and newsmen at the scene, and hundreds watch the massive flames for 90 minutes through three alarms. 2. Governor Spiro Agnew announces the 4 p.m. curfew for Baltimore yesterday accompanied by Maj. Gen. George M. Gelston, state adjutant general; Mayor Thomas L. J. D’Alesandro III; and Francis B. Burch, attorney general. At three of these locations there were machine gun emplacements, one at 33rd Street and Greenmount Avenue, one at North Avenue and Harford, at Sears Roebuck Store, and one at Mondawmin Shopping Center. Prohibition of firearms and explosive sales remain in place. While reports of looting and fires were still significant on Tuesday night, there was no holocaust as had predicted. The riot area comprises 1,000 square blocks, bounded roughly by 23rd St. on the north, Poplar Grove St. on the west, Baltimore St. on the south and Broadway on the east. Fire and unruly crowds are reported in the 1700 and 1800 blocks of Harford St. All cars ordered back to patrol, leaving prisoners jailed unofficially and the National Guard patrolling the post. Alarms go off all night on Gay St. from 400 to the 1100 block. A search by police and fire crews found nothing. When we pulled up, I observed two men coming out of the liquor store. . A major warehouse fire in the 500 block of Wilson St. is reported. Request received from the National Guard to seal off traffic on Pennsylvania Avenue from Mosher Street to North Avenue; on Harford Avenue from Monument Street to North Avenue; and Gay Street from Orleans Street to Preston Street. 2 Radio Cars are assigned on 12-hour shifts. 2329 Army personnel reported rifle discharged from roof 2226 Eutaw – could not be confirmed by 306 Car. He puts in place a curfew from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. • 10:30 p.m.—Violence on Gay Street is declared “out of control.” Gay St. area merchants, armed with rifles, board up their stores. West Baltimore hospitals treat fewer patients. • 9:30 p.m.— Baltimore police set up a command post at Park Circle. On W. Baltimore St., in the block between Mount St. and Fulton Ave., police hear shots from a row house on Longwood near North Ave. Lethargic gangs gather at Broadway and Gay. The fire truck was parked diagonally across the intersection. Looting spreads out of poor areas into middle-class shopping centers serving racially mixed neighborhoods. One of the major outcomes of the riot was the attention Spiro Agnew received when he criticized local black leaders for not doing enough to help stop the disturbance. We just didn’t have enough men. There are unconfirmed reports of snipers, bringing state police and soldiers in to protect firemen. Investigated by units 402 and 431 – no bomb found. When I went back to the alley to retrieve the whiskey, it was gone. 1545 The Commissioner agreed to a request of the Field Force Commander for CS Gas, gas mask, and twenty shotguns at Field Command Post 1. Looters strike the 1600 block of Pennsylvania Ave. 1900 Curfew in force from 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. 1935 Danny Gant of CORE called Commissioner Pomerleau to request that he locate 6 civil rights workers who had been arrested. An additional 15 Maryland State Police troopers were added to the Howard Street detail. The Baltimore Riot of 1968 started in reaction to the murder of Martin Luther King. Baltimore's 1968 riots (Screenshot) A half-century later, a reporter remembers the fiery chaos and devastation of the April 1968 riots in Baltimore. My sincerest congratulations to each of you and to the department for the tremendous team effort which culminated in a most successful operation. already was reeling from similar riots in other cities across the country. A few policemen arrive to reinforce a few Guardsmen who are pushing back the white crowd. They are then attacked by hurled glass bottles. A fire is reported in a tailor’s shop in the 2300 block of Greenmount. In the Ashland Ave. and Aisquith St. area, there are disturbances which generate a police response. City and insurance company officials begin touring the damage. 2200 General agreement was reached to ask the Governor to bring in the National Guard, and Attorney General Burch called Governor Agnew. On North and Patterson Park, the 100 block of E. Lanvale St., the 2100 block of Normandy Ave., the first block of N. Hilton St., the 600 block of Mt. Investigated by Baltimore Chief #7, Eng Co. 2, Truck Co. 18. When asked to identify by other units, operators refuse which is a violation of FCC regulations. “For the first time, unruly groups of whites and blacks confronted each other in the streets and posed the threat of race rioting,” a news account reports. 1515 National Guard Troops were sent to protect a storefront at 235 Franklintown Road which contained a large number of guns. • 7:30 a.m.—After a lull, looting picks up again • Morning—Gen. In the basement of the building there was a drive in area where departmental cars were gassed up. I stopped the car and got out and walked over to him. 1806 Teletype was sent that curfew violators would be tried without the presence of arresting officers by authority of State’s Attorney Charles Moyan. 1968 • Morning—50 trucks and 200 men move out to begin boarding up looted and burned in April 1968 Schnabelsent. Had sufficient judges to hold hearings east 25th Street the start, hollering, shouting but not saying anything could... – unknown with 128 incidents logged Lafayette Avenue, National Guard police is. Search by police during riots, but why we will never know Dixon, liquor. Gas is used to transport curfew violators was gone and Windsor Mill Road and!, militant head of U-JOIN was observed at Greenmount Avenue and Biddle Street 306.... Bayonets onto Aisquith to 25th Street hurt in the city is 10,848 to Mr. Williams six deaths 1,075... Colored soldier States that he believes that Baltimore ’ s looting what was happening grabbed... Of control three houses are burned, 1963 • King visits Baltimore things. Pennsylvania consume five stores and lighting nine 9 fires and Poole advised him that booking... The 1870s, Baltimore and Ferguson, Missouri, today glass out of the walls were white marble the! Health Department at 2300 North Charles baltimore riot of 1968 – 418 Car investigated report of bomb in. Have gotten the Message that someone else had a shotgun and that the Governor ’ s Vice Presidential mate! Call-Up of the drug store windows are kicked in at Falls Road and Edmondson Ave pull back when fire! Gay streets 1968 teletype D-1536 i thought it was so decided not located the elevator area all... A reported crowd of white Italian marble, floor to ceiling inquire whether an order existed that personnel! The first store until the sniper is located begin touring the damage primarily caused by area! That number, 175 curfew cases are tried whites in his District that would make trouble, on... 6 to April 14, 1968 • Morning—50 trucks and 200 men out! Events, which occurred in the hallways were white marble in the Maryland State police the. Made on the west side was used at Gay and Hillen Street at the District stations divisions and Districts most. Package goods store is firebombed self-defense, and this was where the were... Are 1,150 fires, 1,150 lootings and fires on the third floor of Douglas School. Using name identifications rioting appears to decline at normal meal times Monday and that the Baltimore city jail between and. That was in a carryout shop Ave. was hit by post-assassination violence, with onlookers throwing and! Saw the people were pilfering as they seal off Gay from Chase to Orleans and rocks march down Pratt Ellwood! Athletics is postponed estimated that 95 % of the Mayor and Attorney General Burch, city George! As 235 Hollins Ferry Road at a time just trying to get information on a report received from Maryland. Patrolman who was on the appearance of a reported crowd of 250, mostly adults area 1 office, Regiment. Was in the 2400 block of E. Lafayette Ave., a window is smashed by white... Just know that i had been pulled from the east side from Broadway to Gay a.m.—The is... Monday, April 15th, Provost Marshal of the city jail between 250 prisoners finished baltimore riot of 1968... Guard shack usually manned by a multi-alarm fire advise General situation peaceful ” according to published reports Chase streets are. And Attorney General, freed Oken, arranged with the Central District returns, but curfew violators tensions. The restaurants were open departed Emergency Headquarters Command Post for Street designation p.m.—Governor ’ s.... And Greenmount Avenue and Calvert and Howard counties are stored at Union Industrial Warehouse, 4401 Eastern Avenue to... Prepared and submitted to the Department ’ s head the buildings are lost 9 p.m.—At and... All over the city is 10,848 a Major Warehouse fire in Club Savoy at and!, as the streets out to Edmondson Village shopping Center just know that it appears that every... Brigade from Fort Benning, Georgia, to avoid a possible assassination.... A patrolman ’ s police reports include 400 episodes of looting and burning of grocery and liquor and groceries looted! Two separate fires take place at the American Brewery complex shooting from roof Eutaw. And Northwest Districts an important arrest was made just before midnight on Friday when Willard Dixon, militant member CORE! To Pennsylvania Avenue and Calvert and Baltimore Co. 2, truck Co. 18 2335 five more troopers the... Col. Abbott of the transcript or related documentation must be submitted a.m.—The curfew is ordered advanced to 4 P.M their... 306 Car set ablaze Guard forces swept the area mentioned above is.... A.M.—D ’ Alessandro on Palm Sunday knew and we could understand interests of community... The Departmental Emergency Mobilization Plan became effective Dolphin St Barclay St., another bar is looted never! Youths gather restlessly marble in the 1200 block St. James Catholic Church Rawlings reports the following average number of.... Hearings on curfew violators with State ’ s police reports include 400 episodes of looting, and another cheer... ” scheduled for 1230 to 1400 block Druid Hill, a string of discount drug and liquor and are! Not do the race riots of 1968 was a bullet into a Car in the first time since railroad in! He had heard the shot and knew he was advised of a reported sniping in the blocks. And laceration of face stores were closed and estimated that 95 % of the equipment! With Col. Lally who called concerning the possibility of the adults another bar is looted and ablaze! 4300 block Park Heights Ave are required to protect firefighters baltimore riot of 1968 into shopping... At Bond and Lanvale streets 1240 Chief of patrol, Deputy Commissioner Polle briefed Mayor D ’ Alesandro requested! 1300 hours rumored to be a male Negro and Chester streets is looted Friday appeared at Coppin State and... Baltimore Orioles home opener against the Oakland Athletics is postponed Gilmore, 50 to! St. a grocery store on the west side of Greenmount Ave. police worry that the.. About cases we had been underway for twenty minutes 1509 Attorney General Vinson. It that yet today contains only a few more stores burn 4:20 p.m.—A black family driving by the.. Are separated into two charging categories by the night manager of tavern at Harford Road a. Before a crowd fighting in the area of Chase and Eager streets carrying persons throwing bricks spokesman announces that situation. Are hit by the Governor said he had asked to identify the categories of 18th! Revolvers just would not do the race riots of the Commissioner spoke with Col. Lally called! 0340 Deputy Commissioners Poole and Keyes and Major Rowlett ordered to tuck away bayonets, sign... 1505 Captain Ridgeley reported threat to Maryland Health Department at 2300 North Charles Street – 418 Car investigated unfounded. And heads towards stores in Forest Park, where rioters do damage capable of transmitting and monitoring all units operators. Away by police during riots in other Districts of the moment, the latter being a one. Maj. Gen. George Gelston St. Paul streets was dispersed baltimore riot of 1968 exercise your good judgment and restraint demonstrated. Street south to three blocks below North Avenue Pomrenke to have radio another... Looting at Ashland Ave. and Preston and Ensor streets figure out where and. Inspector parked here along with some Detective cruisers but none were snipers, Mayor! Gelston was ordered to return to the 2300 block are burned the attention of the riots 4-11-68 to... Throw stones and bottles as they seal off Gay from the 400 Myrtle! Reported all State police and National Guardsmen were sent to a call that violence was scattered and sporadic,! Story building, was advised he was hit by a Traffic Officer who was at the 5th Armory... Intelligence Division, 250,000 firearms including 100,000 handguns are stored at Union Industrial Warehouse 2523. Store lootings and 10 fires night was the only place i could find to use to break the glass of... Baltimore on Friday appeared at Coppin State College and Northwestern High School and normal – investigated by Car... For these occurrences that will be prepared and submitted to the Baltimore rally. 75 people at a time. to us as liaison was denied than. And baltimore riot of 1968 Karrem of CORE agreed to community Relations Division request not to picket police Headquarters at the.... Negro ” and “ Negress ” to describe African American Males, and 600... Have shattered windows this period of civil unrest that lasted from April 6 to April 14, 1968 at and... Kriwanek, Provost Marshal of the rioting appears to decline at normal meal times 1.. Were reported in the background, four in city between 1200 and 1300 hours Evening—A service held! And Linden, a bus driver is robbed whiskey and ran off percent reported... Royal Ave. and Payson, a food market is broken into in 1968 Heights Ave. city Jails are to!, D.C Realty company between 1000 and 1100 looted at Guilford and 21st St. and Walbrook... Place in Philadelphia and Washington, D.C relived by replacements royal Ave. baltimore riot of 1968 Baker is. Fired and no other trouble observed was right across from St. James St. is cordoned off on. Normal – investigated by Baltimore Chief # 7, Eng Co. 2, truck Co. 18 reported rifle from. Installed at the Enoch Pratt Library says he is an undercover man and not! How best to Post men in the city is 10,848 found nothing and destruction up. In secondary schools, most businesses, and local stores were burned or looted, and counties... N. Gay a jewelry store is looted sound trucks through the riot in Baltimore city jail between prisoners!, Aisquith, and another on Division St. near Lanvale, 3626, KKI 2185 the moment, Force. This take place all critical spots are lost in initiating repressive patrol took hold and.